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Ed’s Thoughts from the International Intellectual Property Law Association’s Global Summit

I recently attended the IIPLA Global IP summit in London.

As you know, The Firm’s mission is Strengthening Your Competitive Advantage by Identifying, Securing and Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights. I was proud to observe that our mission parallels that of the IP thought leaders present in London.

Robert Matthezing, Associate General Counsel at my former employer, Shell, and  Emily O’Neill, IP and Litigation Counsel at Spectris plc, described integration of IP into the business plan as a best practice. The message from these industry giants closely mirrors what we have been advising customers.

To Wit:

  1. Understand the business’s needs first: Be part of the business team. Both presenters emphasized this as did Air Liquide.
  2. Identify what IP the business has.
  3. Secure (obtain the rights or registration to the business’ IP)
  4. Protect (enforce, or make sure the business does not infringe)

Ms. O’Neill even went so far as to say that her group’s mission is “Enhancing IP and Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage.”  This conference encourages me that, as industry advances, the business interrelationship between IP and competitive advantage will be increasingly recognized as a best practice.

See the next page for Ed’s thoughts from day two of the summit.

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