Las Vegas Convention Center, SEMA Show 2016

Welcome to this second of our four part series on protecting your business’ intellectual assets at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

Part 1 dealt with what to do when you find counterfeits of your product at the SEMA Show. In part 2, we address how, when and why to protect new products that your company launches at the SEMA Show.

The attention gained by launching a new product at the SEMA Show is often a critical piece of a company’s marketing strategy for that product. New products, particularly those that appear in the SEMA Show New Products Showcase, gain a buzz around the Show that can attract buyers to your company.

Sadly, many companies fail to take steps to protect their new products before launching at the SEMA Show.

Should I apply for a patent on my new product? If so, when should I file my application? Can I protect my new product as a trade secret? What steps should I take to protect my new branding?

These are all questions that you should be asking yourself (and your attorney) as you prepare to launch a new product at the SEMA Show. Failing to put these protections in place before your SEMA Show launch can cause serious consequences. In some instances, failing to act before your SEMA Show launch can even be fatal to your ability to protect your intellectual assets in your new products.

The next three pages address concerns related to patents, trade secrets and copyrights as they relate to your SEMA Show launch.