SEMA Show 2016, Las Vegas Convention Center

Welcome to part four of our series on protecting your business’ intellectual assets at the Specialty Equipment Management Association (SEMA) Show. Part one dealt with what to do when you find counterfeits of your product at the SEMA Show. Part two dealt with protecting your new product launch at the SEMA Show. Part three dealt with how and why to protect your brand identifiers at the SEMA Show. This fourth and final part deals with using artwork and photographs in your SEMA Show booth and literature.

Let’s face it, flashy attractive artwork makes a huge difference when it comes to attracting attention at any trade show, not just at the SEMA Show. Brightly colored designs, exciting photographs and cool logos can help draw buyers to your booth to learn more about your products. On the other hand, any artwork or photographs you use at the SEMA Show are subject to copyright law. Failing to understand the copyright ramifications of using artwork and photographs at the SEMA Show can have serious consequences for your business.

On the next pages are some things you should think about while preparing your SEMA Show booths and literature.