How to Get Started

Thank you for your interest in the Firm. In order to get started, a non-attorney must conduct an initial conflict check. In the event that there is a conflict of interest with a current or former client, a non-attorney will inform you. If there is not a conflict of interest with a current or former client, an attorney will arrange an initial consultation which we provide free of charge. Following the initial consultation, we will provide you with a letter of engagement detailing the services we will provide and costs associated with each service.

Conflict Check

As attorneys, we must ensure that our potential representation of you does not conflict with our representation of any current or former clients. As such, before an attorney can speak with you, we are required to gather some basic information about your company and the type of representation you are seeking. Please provide us with the following information and let us know if you would prefer that we call or e-mail to seek any additional information required to complete the conflict check. Feel free to contact us at or +1 (330) 598-1799 with any questions or concerns.


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What type of representation are you seeking?

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In the event that we need additional information to complete the conflict check, would you prefer we contact you by phone or email?

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